Welcome to Whynot

Swipe for Love that BITES
an Amaryllis Media Collection

Welcome to the town of Whynot where love is just a Swipe Right away!

Located along the River Sticks, the town caters to a diverse population of magical species due to the abundance of natural resources, temperate weather, and ease of Interstate access.

Love Bites, the most popular matchmatching agency in the tri-state area, offers in-person matching or cutting edge technology in the form of a dating app. Just upload a picture, fill out a questionnaire and lick the screen to connect with your best matches. The technomages are aware the app tastes like oranges. They’re working on it.

One Click this collection paranormal romcom stories about witches, banshees, strigoi, and wendigos searching for their fated matches one date at a time. After all, with unreliable dating magic involved, three old crones running the office who may or may not be the Three Fates, and what could possibly go wrong?

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