The Selkie's Keeper


Where did I go wrong? How has it come to this?  I think back to all the decisions I made over the years and answer my own questions.  My family had warned me. My kin had told me to leave her alone, but in my arrogance, I ignored them. She’s just a child, I had told them. Just a babe, really. And she had been. 

But babes grow. As do their desires.  The young girl I had once known is long gone. And in her place, a monster.  A beast who has taken over my world, who now has the power to control me. She has stolen my most prized possession, and with it, my life.  For, without my skin, I am nothing…  


He is brilliant. He is magnificent. He is perfection.  And he is mine. I tried asking. I tried showing him how good we could be together. But he refused me. Time and again, he refused to see me for the woman I’ve become. 

Well, he can’t refuse me any longer. Not after everything I’ve done for him.  I’ve done something most would never consider. I’ve transformed myself into a most powerful being. Far more powerful than the magical water Fae could be on land. 

As a result, my beautiful selkie is now mine and mine alone, now and forever.  His attempts at freedom amuse me. How long will it be before he realizes he can never win? 

Hello friends! This title might look familiar because a version of it, in part, was included in From the Deep: A Fiction Atlas Press Anthology. However, the version for the anthology was heavily edited to make it more PG-13 friendly. This is the original story intended for our 18+ audience. It follows both Lachlan and Brynn and is much darker. 

This book contains mature themes that some may find triggering, proceed with caution.  

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